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#include <QtCrypto>

Inheritance diagram for QCA::Algorithm:

Public Member Functions

 Algorithm (const Algorithm &from)
void change (const QString &type, const QString &provider)
void change (Provider::Context *c)
Provider::Contextcontext ()
const Provider::Contextcontext () const
Algorithmoperator= (const Algorithm &from)
Providerprovider () const
Provider::ContexttakeContext ()
QString type () const

Protected Member Functions

 Algorithm ()
 Algorithm (const QString &type, const QString &provider)

Detailed Description

General superclass for an algorithm.

This is a fairly abstract class, mainly used for implementing the backend "provider" interface.

Definition at line 1163 of file qca_core.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Algorithm() [1/3]

QCA::Algorithm::Algorithm ( const Algorithm & from)

Standard copy constructor.

fromthe Algorithm to copy from

◆ Algorithm() [2/3]

QCA::Algorithm::Algorithm ( )

Constructor for empty algorithm.

◆ Algorithm() [3/3]

QCA::Algorithm::Algorithm ( const QString & type,
const QString & provider )

Constructor of a particular algorithm.

typethe algorithm to construct
providerthe name of a particular Provider

Member Function Documentation

◆ change() [1/2]

void QCA::Algorithm::change ( const QString & type,
const QString & provider )

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts.

typethe name of the algorithm to use
providerthe name of the preferred provider

◆ change() [2/2]

void QCA::Algorithm::change ( Provider::Context * c)

Set the Provider for this algorithm

cthe context for the Provider to use

◆ context() [1/2]

Provider::Context * QCA::Algorithm::context ( )

The context associated with this algorithm

◆ context() [2/2]

const Provider::Context * QCA::Algorithm::context ( ) const

The context associated with this algorithm

◆ operator=()

Algorithm & QCA::Algorithm::operator= ( const Algorithm & from)

Assignment operator.

fromthe Algorithm to copy state from

◆ provider()

Provider * QCA::Algorithm::provider ( ) const

The name of the provider.

Each algorithm is implemented by a provider. This allows you to figure out which provider is associated


◆ takeContext()

Provider::Context * QCA::Algorithm::takeContext ( )

Take the Provider from this algorithm

◆ type()

QString QCA::Algorithm::type ( ) const

The name of the algorithm type.

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