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#include <QtCrypto>

Inheritance diagram for QCA::HKDF:

Public Member Functions

 HKDF (const HKDF &from)
 HKDF (const QString &algorithm=QStringLiteral("sha256"), const QString &provider=QString())
SymmetricKey makeKey (const SecureArray &secret, const InitializationVector &salt, const InitializationVector &info, unsigned int keyLength)
HKDFoperator= (const HKDF &from)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QCA::Algorithm
 Algorithm (const Algorithm &from)
void change (const QString &type, const QString &provider)
void change (Provider::Context *c)
Provider::Contextcontext ()
const Provider::Contextcontext () const
Algorithmoperator= (const Algorithm &from)
Providerprovider () const
Provider::ContexttakeContext ()
QString type () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from QCA::Algorithm
 Algorithm ()
 Algorithm (const QString &type, const QString &provider)

Detailed Description


HMAC-based extract-and-expand key derivation function

This class implements HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key Derivation Function, as specified in RFC5869.

Definition at line 1100 of file qca_basic.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HKDF() [1/2]

QCA::HKDF::HKDF ( const QString & algorithm = QStringLiteral("sha256"),
const QString & provider = QString() )

Standard constructor.

algorithmthe name of the hashing algorithm to use
providerthe name of the provider to use, if available

◆ HKDF() [2/2]

QCA::HKDF::HKDF ( const HKDF & from)

Standard copy constructor.

fromthe KeyDerivationFunction to copy from

Member Function Documentation

◆ makeKey()

SymmetricKey QCA::HKDF::makeKey ( const SecureArray & secret,
const InitializationVector & salt,
const InitializationVector & info,
unsigned int keyLength )

Generate the key from a specified secret, salt value, and an additional info.

key length is ignored for some functions
secretthe secret (password or passphrase)
saltthe salt to use
infothe info to use
keyLengththe length of key to return
the derived key

◆ operator=()

HKDF & QCA::HKDF::operator= ( const HKDF & from)

Assignment operator.

Copies the state (including key) from one HKDF to another

fromthe HKDF to assign from

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