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QCA::Filter Class Referenceabstract

#include <QtCrypto>

Inheritance diagram for QCA::Filter:

Public Member Functions

virtual void clear ()=0
virtual MemoryRegion final ()=0
virtual bool ok () const =0
MemoryRegion process (const MemoryRegion &a)
virtual MemoryRegion update (const MemoryRegion &a)=0

Detailed Description

General superclass for filtering transformation algorithms.

A filtering computation is characterised by having the algorithm take input data in an incremental way, with results delivered for each input, or block of input. Some internal state may be managed, with the transformation completed when final() is called.

If this seems a big vague, then you might try deriving your class from a subclass with stronger semantics, or if your update() function is always returning null results, and everything comes out at final(), try BufferedComputation.

Definition at line 1107 of file qca_core.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ clear()

virtual void QCA::Filter::clear ( )
pure virtual

Reset the internal state.

Implemented in QCA::Cipher, QCA::Hex, and QCA::Base64.

◆ final()

virtual MemoryRegion QCA::Filter::final ( )
pure virtual

Complete the algorithm, returning any additional results.

Implemented in QCA::Cipher, QCA::Hex, and QCA::Base64.

◆ ok()

virtual bool QCA::Filter::ok ( ) const
pure virtual

Test if an update() or final() call succeeded.

true if the previous call succeeded

Implemented in QCA::Cipher, QCA::Hex, and QCA::Base64.

◆ process()

MemoryRegion QCA::Filter::process ( const MemoryRegion & a)

Perform an "all in one" update, returning the result.

This is appropriate if you have all the data in one array - just call process on that array, and you will get back the results of the computation.

This will invalidate any previous computation using this object.
athe data to process in this step
aes-cmac.cpp, and ciphertest.cpp.

◆ update()

virtual MemoryRegion QCA::Filter::update ( const MemoryRegion & a)
pure virtual

Process more data, returning the corresponding filtered version of the data.

athe array containing data to process

Implemented in QCA::Cipher, QCA::Hex, and QCA::Base64.

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