qca_cert.h File Reference
#include "qca_core.h"
#include "qca_publickey.h"
#include <QDateTime>
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class  QCA::Certificate
class  QCA::CertificateAuthority
class  QCA::CertificateChain
class  QCA::CertificateCollection
class  QCA::CertificateInfoOrdered
class  QCA::CertificateInfoPair
class  QCA::CertificateInfoType
class  QCA::CertificateOptions
class  QCA::CertificateRequest
class  QCA::ConstraintType
class  QCA::CRL
class  QCA::CRLEntry
class  QCA::KeyBundle
class  QCA::KeyLoader
class  QCA::PGPKey




typedef QMultiMap< CertificateInfoType, QStringQCA::CertificateInfo
typedef QList< ConstraintType > QCA::Constraints


enum  QCA::CertificateInfoTypeKnown {
  QCA::CommonName, QCA::Email, QCA::EmailLegacy, QCA::Organization,
  QCA::OrganizationalUnit, QCA::Locality, QCA::IncorporationLocality, QCA::State,
  QCA::IncorporationState, QCA::Country, QCA::IncorporationCountry, QCA::URI,
enum  QCA::CertificateRequestFormat { QCA::PKCS10, QCA::SPKAC }
enum  QCA::ConstraintTypeKnown {
  QCA::DigitalSignature, QCA::NonRepudiation, QCA::KeyEncipherment, QCA::DataEncipherment,
  QCA::KeyAgreement, QCA::KeyCertificateSign, QCA::CRLSign, QCA::EncipherOnly,
  QCA::DecipherOnly, QCA::ServerAuth, QCA::ClientAuth, QCA::CodeSigning,
  QCA::EmailProtection, QCA::IPSecEndSystem, QCA::IPSecTunnel, QCA::IPSecUser,
  QCA::TimeStamping, QCA::OCSPSigning
enum  QCA::UsageMode {
  QCA::UsageAny = 0x00, QCA::UsageTLSServer = 0x01, QCA::UsageTLSClient = 0x02, QCA::UsageCodeSigning = 0x04,
  QCA::UsageEmailProtection = 0x08, QCA::UsageTimeStamping = 0x10, QCA::UsageCRLSigning = 0x20
enum  QCA::ValidateFlags { ValidateAll = 0x00, ValidateRevoked = 0x01, ValidateExpired = 0x02, ValidatePolicy = 0x04 }
enum  QCA::Validity {
  QCA::ValidityGood, QCA::ErrorRejected, QCA::ErrorUntrusted, QCA::ErrorSignatureFailed,
  QCA::ErrorInvalidCA, QCA::ErrorInvalidPurpose, QCA::ErrorSelfSigned, QCA::ErrorRevoked,
  QCA::ErrorPathLengthExceeded, QCA::ErrorExpired, QCA::ErrorExpiredCA, QCA::ErrorValidityUnknown = 64


QCA_EXPORT QStringList QCA::makeFriendlyNames (const QList< Certificate > &list)
QCA_EXPORT CertificateInfoOrdered QCA::orderedDNOnly (const CertificateInfoOrdered &in)
QCA_EXPORT QString QCA::orderedToDNString (const CertificateInfoOrdered &in)

Detailed Description

Header file for PGP key and X.509 certificate related classes

You should not use this header directly from an application. You should just use #include <QtCrypto> instead.

Definition in file qca_cert.h.

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