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KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemInt Class Reference

#include <kcoreconfigskeleton.h>

Inheritance diagram for KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemInt:

Public Member Functions

 ItemInt (const QString &_group, const QString &_key, qint32 &reference, qint32 defaultValue=0)
bool isEqual (const QVariant &p) const override
QVariant maxValue () const override
QVariant minValue () const override
QVariant property () const override
void readConfig (KConfig *config) override
void setMaxValue (qint32)
void setMinValue (qint32)
void setProperty (const QVariant &p) override

Detailed Description

Class for handling a 32-bit integer preferences item.

Definition at line 689 of file kcoreconfigskeleton.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemInt::ItemInt ( const QString _group,
const QString _key,
qint32 &  reference,
qint32  defaultValue = 0 

Definition at line 454 of file kcoreconfigskeleton.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemInt::isEqual ( const QVariant p) const

Check whether the item is equal to p.

Use this function to compare items that use custom types, because QVariant::operator== will not work for those.

pQVariant to compare to
true if the item is equal to p, false otherwise

Implements KConfigSkeletonItem.

Definition at line 481 of file kcoreconfigskeleton.cpp.

QVariant KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemInt::maxValue ( ) const

Get the maximum value this is allowed to be stored in this item.

Reimplemented from KConfigSkeletonItem.

Definition at line 499 of file kcoreconfigskeleton.cpp.

QVariant KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemInt::minValue ( ) const

Get the minimum value that is allowed to be stored in this item.

Reimplemented from KConfigSkeletonItem.

Definition at line 491 of file kcoreconfigskeleton.cpp.

QVariant KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemInt::property ( ) const

Return item as property.

Implements KConfigSkeletonItem.

Definition at line 486 of file kcoreconfigskeleton.cpp.

void KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemInt::readConfig ( KConfig config)

This function is called by KCoreConfigSkeleton to read the value for this setting from a config file.

Implements KConfigSkeletonItem.

Reimplemented in KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemEnum.

Definition at line 461 of file kcoreconfigskeleton.cpp.

void KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemInt::setMaxValue ( qint32  v)

Set the maximum value for the item.

See also

Definition at line 513 of file kcoreconfigskeleton.cpp.

void KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemInt::setMinValue ( qint32  v)

Set the minimum value for the item.

See also

Definition at line 507 of file kcoreconfigskeleton.cpp.

void KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemInt::setProperty ( const QVariant p)

Set item to p.

Implements KConfigSkeletonItem.

Definition at line 476 of file kcoreconfigskeleton.cpp.

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