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KItinerary::Flight Class Reference

#include <flight.h>


KItinerary::Airline airline
KItinerary::Airport arrivalAirport
QString arrivalTerminal
QDateTime arrivalTime
QDateTime boardingTime
KItinerary::Airport departureAirport
QDate departureDay
QString departureGate
QString departureTerminal
QDateTime departureTime
QString flightNumber
KItinerary::Organization provider

Detailed Description

Property Documentation

QDate KItinerary::Flight::departureDay

The scheduled day of departure.

This is part of the unique identification of a flight and part of the IATA BCBP data. This might be different from departureTime, which reflects the actual time of departure and thus can in case of delays even move to a following day.

Definition at line 47 of file flight.h.

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