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 NKItineraryClasses for reservation/travel data models, data extraction and data augmentation
 NJsApiJavaScript API exposed to extractor scripts
 CBarcodeBarcode decoding functions
 CBitArrayBit array methods for JS extractor scripts
 CContextThe extraction context
 CJsonLdMethods to create JSON-LD objects
 NKnowledgeDbLookup functions, utilities and data types for the static knowledge database
 CAirportAirport information structure as used in the database
 CAlphaIdCompact storage for fixed-size identifiers consisting out of uppercase latin letters, such as IATA airport codes or ISO 3166 country codes
 CBenerailStationIdBenerail station id
 CCoordinateGeographical coordinate
 CCountryCountry information
 CFiveAlphaIdBase class for SNCF/Benerail station identifiers
 CIBNRIBNR station id
 CSncfStationIdSNCF station id
 CTrainStationTrain station entry in the station table
 CTrainStationIdIndexTrain station id to station index lookup table strcuture
 CTrainStationIndexPosition in the train station database
 CUICIdentiferBaseBase class for UIC/IBNR station identifiers
 CUICStationUIC station id
 CUnalignedNumberUnalinged storage of a numerical value
 CVRStationCodeVR (Finland) station codes
 CActionBase class for actions
 CAirlineAn airline
 CBarcodeDecoderBarcode decoding with result caching
 CBrandA brand
 CBusReservationA bus reservation
 CBusStationBus station
 CBusTripA bus trip
 CCancelActionCancel action
 CCheckInActionCheck-in action
 CCreativeWorkBase type describing any form of content
 CDigitalDocumentDescription of a document
 CDownloadActionDownload action
 CEmailMessageDescription of an email
 CEventAn event
 CEventReservationAn event reservation
 CExtractorA single unstructured data extraction rule set
 CExtractorEngineUnstructured data extraction engine
 CExtractorFilterDetermines whether an extractor is applicable to a given email
 CExtractorPostprocessorPost-process extracted data to filter out garbage and augment data from other sources
 CExtractorRepositoryCollection of all unstructured data extractor rule sets
 CExtractorValidatorValidates extractor results
 CFileA file containing a bundle of reservations and associated documents
 CFlightA flight
 CFlightReservationA flight reservation
 CFoodEstablishmentFood-related business (such as a restaurant, or a bakery)
 CFoodEstablishmentReservationA restaurant reservation
 CGeoCoordinatesGeographic coordinates
 CHtmlDocumentHTML document for extraction
 CHtmlElementHTML document element
 CJsonLdDocumentSerialization/deserialization code for JSON-LD data
 CLodgingReservationA hotel reservation
 COrganizationAn organization
 CPdfDocumentPDF document for extraction
 CPdfImageAn image in a PDF document
 CPdfPageA page in a PDF document
 CPersonA person
 CPlaceBase class for places
 CPostalAddressPostal address
 CRct2TicketRCT2 ticket layout payload of an UIC 918.3 ticket token
 CRentalCarA car rental
 CRentalCarReservationA Rental Car reservation
 CReservationAbstract base class for reservations
 CReserveActionReserve action
 CSeatA reserved seat
 CTaxiReservationA Taxi reservation
 CTicketA booked ticket
 CTouristAttractionTourist attraction (e.g
 CTrainReservationA train reservation
 CTrainStationTrain station
 CTrainTripA train trip
 CUic9183BlockA data block from a UIC 918.3 ticket
 CUic9183ParserParser for UIC 918.3 and 918.3* train tickets
 CUic9183TicketLayoutParser for a U_TLAY block in a UIC 918-3 ticket
 CUpdateActionEdit/update action
 CVdvTicketTicket information from a VDV barcode
 CVdvTicketParserParser for VDV tickets
 CVendor0080BLBlockUIC 918.3 0080BL vendor data block
 CVendor0080BLSubBlockUIC 918.3 0080BL vendor data block sub-block
 CViewActionView action
 CBoundingBoxBounding box, ie
 CCoordinateCoordinate, stored as 1e7 * degree to avoid floating point precision issues, and offset to unsigned values to make the z-order curve work
 CDataSetA set of nodes, ways and relations
 CElementA reference to any of OSM::Node/OSMWay/OSMRelation
 CMemberA member in a relation
 CNodeAn OSM node
 CRelationAn OSM relation
 CTagAn OSM element tag
 CWayAn OSM way
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