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KItinerary::Rct2Ticket Class Reference

#include <rct2ticket.h>

Public Types

enum  Type {
  Transport, TransportReservation, Reservation, Upgrade,
  RailPass, Unknown


QString coachNumber
QString currency
QDate firstDayOfValidity
QString outboundArrivalStation
QDateTime outboundArrivalTime
QString outboundClass
QString outboundDepartureStation
QDateTime outboundDepartureTime
QString passengerName
double price
QString returnArrivalStation
QDateTime returnArrivalTime
QString returnClass
QString returnDepartureStation
QDateTime returnDepartureTime
QString seatNumber
QString title
QString trainNumber
Type type

Public Member Functions

 Rct2Ticket (const Rct2Ticket &)
 Rct2Ticket (const Uic9183TicketLayout &layout)
QString coachNumber () const
QString currency () const
QDate firstDayOfValidity () const
bool isValid () const
Rct2Ticketoperator= (const Rct2Ticket &)
QString outboundArrivalStation () const
QDateTime outboundArrivalTime () const
QString outboundClass () const
QString outboundDepartureStation () const
QDateTime outboundDepartureTime () const
QString passengerName () const
double price () const
QString returnArrivalStation () const
QDateTime returnArrivalTime () const
QString returnClass () const
QString returnDepartureStation () const
QDateTime returnDepartureTime () const
QString seatNumber () const
void setContextDate (const QDateTime &contextDt)
QString title () const
QString trainNumber () const
Type type () const

Detailed Description

RCT2 ticket layout payload of an UIC 918.3 ticket token.

Definition at line 22 of file rct2ticket.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Type

Type of RCT2 ticket.

See also
ERA TAP TSI Annex B.6.

Non-integrated Reservation Ticket (NRT)


Integration Reservation Ticket (IRT)


Reservation Only Document (RES)


Update Document (UPG)


Rail Pass Ticket (RPT)


ticket type could not be detected, or ticket type not supported yet

Definition at line 69 of file rct2ticket.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Rct2Ticket()

Rct2Ticket::Rct2Ticket ( const Uic9183TicketLayout layout)

Parse RCT2 ticket information from a U_TLAY layout block.

Definition at line 115 of file rct2ticket.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ coachNumber()

QString KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::coachNumber ( ) const

Coach number (for reservation tickets).

◆ currency()

QString KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::currency ( ) const

Currency used for the price value.

◆ firstDayOfValidity()

QDate KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::firstDayOfValidity ( ) const

First day the ticket is valid.

◆ isValid()

bool Rct2Ticket::isValid ( ) const

Returns whether this is a valid RCT2 ticket layout block.

Definition at line 125 of file rct2ticket.cpp.

◆ outboundArrivalStation()

QString KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::outboundArrivalStation ( ) const

Arrival station of the outbound segment.

◆ outboundArrivalTime()

QDateTime KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::outboundArrivalTime ( ) const

Arrival time of the outbound segment.

◆ outboundClass()

QString KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::outboundClass ( ) const

Class of the outbound segment.

◆ outboundDepartureStation()

QString KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::outboundDepartureStation ( ) const

Departure station of the outbound segment.

◆ outboundDepartureTime()

QDateTime KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::outboundDepartureTime ( ) const

Departure time of the outbound segment.

◆ passengerName()

QString KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::passengerName ( ) const

Name of the passenger this ticket is for.

◆ price()

double KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::price ( ) const

Price of the ticket.

◆ returnArrivalStation()

QString KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::returnArrivalStation ( ) const

Arrival station of the return segment, if present.

◆ returnArrivalTime()

QDateTime KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::returnArrivalTime ( ) const

Arrival time of the return segment, if present.

◆ returnClass()

QString KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::returnClass ( ) const

Class of the return segment, if present.

◆ returnDepartureStation()

QString KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::returnDepartureStation ( ) const

Departure station of the return segment, if present.

◆ returnDepartureTime()

QDateTime KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::returnDepartureTime ( ) const

Departure time of the return segment, if present.

◆ seatNumber()

QString KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::seatNumber ( ) const

Seat number (for reservation tickets).

◆ setContextDate()

void Rct2Ticket::setContextDate ( const QDateTime contextDt)

Date/time this ticket was first encountered, to recover possibly missing year numbers.

Definition at line 130 of file rct2ticket.cpp.

◆ title()

QString KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::title ( ) const

Name or title of the ticket.

◆ trainNumber()

QString KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::trainNumber ( ) const

Train number (for reservation tickets).

◆ type()

Type KItinerary::Rct2Ticket::type ( ) const

Returns the ticket type.

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