Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NBarcodeDocumentProcessorHelperBarcode-related document processor implementation details
 NBERBER/DER/X.690 encoding classes and functions
 NCalendarHandlerMethods for converting between ical events and JSON-LD booking data
 NDocumentUtilUtilities for dealing with documents attached to reservations
 NExtractorCapabilitiesDiagnositic information about which features of the extractor are available
 NExtractorUtilData extraction utility functions
 NIataBcbpParserParser for IATA Bar Coded Boarding Pass messages
 NJsonLdJSON-LD data type helper functions
 NJsonLdImportFilterFilter input JSON for loading with JsonLdDocument, to deal with obsolete or renamed elements
 NKnowledgeDbLookup functions, utilities and data types for the static knowledge database
 NLocationUtilUtility functions related to location information
 NMergeUtilUtilities for merging reservations or elements of them
 NSortUtilUtility function for sorting reservations/visits/events
 NSSBTicketReaderFactory function for the various ERA SSB variants
 NStringUtilString normalization and comparison utilities
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