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 CKItinerary::AbstractExtractorAbstract base class for data extractors
 CKItinerary::ActionBase class for actions
 CKItinerary::KnowledgeDb::AirportAirport information structure as used in the database
 CKItinerary::KnowledgeDb::AlphaId< T, N >Compact storage for fixed-size identifiers consisting out of uppercase latin letters, such as IATA airport codes or ISO 3166 country codes
 CKItinerary::KnowledgeDb::AlphaId< uint16_t, 2 >
 CKItinerary::KnowledgeDb::AlphaId< uint16_t, 3 >
 CKItinerary::BarcodeDecoderBarcode decoding with result caching
 CKItinerary::JsApi::BitArrayBit array methods for JS extractor scripts
 CKItinerary::BoatTripA boat or ferry trip
 COSM::BoundingBoxBounding box, ie
 CKItinerary::BrandA brand
 CKItinerary::BusTripA bus trip
 CKItinerary::KnowledgeDb::CoordinateGeographical coordinate
 COSM::CoordinateCoordinate, stored as 1e7 * degree to avoid floating point precision issues, and offset to unsigned values to make the z-order curve work
 CKItinerary::KnowledgeDb::CountryCountry information
 CKItinerary::CreativeWorkBase type describing any form of content
 COSM::DataSetA set of nodes, ways and relations
 CKItinerary::BER::ElementAn element in BER/DER/X.690 encoding
 COSM::ElementA reference to any of OSM::Node/OSM::Way/OSM::Relation
 CKItinerary::EventAn event
 CKItinerary::ExtractorDocumentNodeA node in the extracted document object tree
 CKItinerary::ExtractorDocumentNodeFactoryInstantiates KItinerary::ExtractorDocumentNode instances using the type-specific document processor
 CKItinerary::ExtractorDocumentProcessorAbstract base class of a document type processor
 CKItinerary::ExtractorEngineSemantic data extraction engine
 CKItinerary::ExtractorFilterDetermines whether an extractor is applicable to a given email
 CKItinerary::ExtractorPostprocessorPost-process extracted data to filter out garbage and augment data from other sources
 CKItinerary::ExtractorRepositoryCollection of all known data extractors
 CKItinerary::ExtractorResultGeneric extraction result
 CKItinerary::ExtractorValidatorValidates extractor results
 CKItinerary::FileA file containing a bundle of reservations and associated documents
 CKItinerary::FlightA flight
 CKItinerary::GeoCoordinatesGeographic coordinates
 CKItinerary::HtmlElementHTML document element
 CKItinerary::IataBcbpA IATA BarCoded Boarding Pass (BCBP)
 CKItinerary::JsonLdDocumentSerialization/deserialization code for JSON-LD data
 CKItinerary::JsonLdFilterEngineJSON-LD filtering for input normalization or type transforms
 COSM::MemberA member in a relation
 COSM::NodeAn OSM node
 CKItinerary::OrganizationAn organization
 CKItinerary::PdfImageAn image in a PDF document
 CKItinerary::PdfLinkAn external link in a PDF file
 CKItinerary::PdfPageA page in a PDF document
 CKItinerary::PersonA person
 CKItinerary::PlaceBase class for places
 CKItinerary::PostalAddressPostal address
 CKItinerary::ProgramMembershipA frequent traveler, bonus points or discount scheme program membership
 CKItinerary::JsonLdFilterEngine::PropertyMappingProperty mappings
 CQObject [external]
 CKItinerary::Rct2TicketRCT2 ticket layout payload of an UIC 918.3 ticket token
 COSM::RelationAn OSM relation
 CKItinerary::RentalCarA car rental
 CKItinerary::ReservationAbstract base class for reservations
 CKItinerary::SeatA reserved seat
 CKItinerary::SSBTicketBaseInternal base class for ERA SSB tickets
 COSM::TagAn OSM element tag
 CKItinerary::TicketA booked ticket
 CKItinerary::TokenBarcode token utilities
 CKItinerary::KnowledgeDb::TrainStationTrain station entry in the station table
 CKItinerary::KnowledgeDb::TrainStationIdIndex< T >Train station id to station index lookup table structure
 CKItinerary::TrainTripA train trip
 CKItinerary::JsonLdFilterEngine::TypeFilterType filter functions
 CKItinerary::JsonLdFilterEngine::TypeMappingType mappings
 CKItinerary::Uic9183BlockA data block from a UIC 918.3 ticket
 CKItinerary::Uic9183HeadU_HEAD block of a UIC 918.3 ticket container
 CKItinerary::Uic9183HeaderHeader of an UIC 918.3 ticket
 CKItinerary::Uic9183ParserParser for UIC 918.3 and 918.3* train tickets
 CKItinerary::Uic9183TicketLayoutParser for a U_TLAY block in a UIC 918-3 ticket container, such as a ERA TLB ticket
 CKItinerary::Uic9183TicketLayoutFieldLow-level field entries in a U_TLAY block
 CKItinerary::KnowledgeDb::UnalignedNumber< N >Unalinged storage of a numerical value
 CKItinerary::KnowledgeDb::UnalignedNumber< 2 >
 CKItinerary::KnowledgeDb::UnalignedNumber< 3 >
 CKItinerary::VdvBcdDateDate encoded as 8 BCD digits
 CKItinerary::VdvBcdNumber< N >Two-digit BCD encoded number
 CKItinerary::VdvBcdNumber< 1 >
 CKItinerary::VdvBcdNumber< 2 >
 CKItinerary::VdvDateTimeCompactDate/time representation encoded in 4 byte
 CKItinerary::VdvNumber< N >Big-endian numeric value
 CKItinerary::VdvNumber< 4 >
 CKItinerary::VdvTicketTicket information from a VDV barcode
 CKItinerary::VdvTicketBasicDataProduct specific data - basic information
 CKItinerary::VdvTicketCommonTransactionDataTicket transaction data block
 CKItinerary::VdvTicketHeaderTicket data header
 CKItinerary::VdvTicketIssueDataTicket issuer data block
 CKItinerary::VdvTicketParserParser for VDV tickets
 CKItinerary::VdvTicketTrailerTicket trailer, after padding
 CKItinerary::VdvTicketTravelerDataProduct specific data - traveler information
 CKItinerary::VdvTicketValidityAreaDataTicket validity area data block
 CKItinerary::Vendor0080BLBlockUIC 918.3 0080BL vendor data block
 CKItinerary::Vendor0080BLOrderBlockUIC 918.3 0080BL vendor data block order block
 CKItinerary::Vendor0080BLSubBlockUIC 918.3 0080BL vendor data block sub-block
 CKItinerary::Vendor0080VUBlockUIC 918.3 0080VU vendor data block (DB local public transport extensions)
 COSM::WayAn OSM way
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