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KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection Class Reference

#include <iatabcbpsections.h>

Inheritance diagram for KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection:


QString checkinSequenceNumber
QString compartmentCode
int dayOfFlight
QString flightNumber
QString fromCityAirportCode
QString operatingCarrierDesignator
QString operatingCarrierPNRCode
QString passengerStatus
QString seatNumber
QString toCityAirportCode
int variableFieldSize

Public Member Functions

 IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection (QStringView data)
Q_INVOKABLE QDate dateOfFlight (const QDateTime &contextDate=QDateTime::currentDateTime()) const
bool isValid () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from KItinerary::IataBcbpSectionBase
int readNumericValue (int offset, int length, int base) const
QString readString (int offset, int length) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from KItinerary::IataBcbpSectionBase
QStringView m_data

Detailed Description

Repeated mandatory sections of an IATA BCBP, occurs once per leg.

Definition at line 81 of file iatabcbpsections.h.

Property Documentation

◆ checkinSequenceNumber

QString KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::checkinSequenceNumber

Definition at line 92 of file iatabcbpsections.h.

◆ compartmentCode

QString KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::compartmentCode

Definition at line 90 of file iatabcbpsections.h.

◆ dayOfFlight

int KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::dayOfFlight

Definition at line 89 of file iatabcbpsections.h.

◆ flightNumber

QString KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::flightNumber

Definition at line 88 of file iatabcbpsections.h.

◆ fromCityAirportCode

QString KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::fromCityAirportCode

Definition at line 85 of file iatabcbpsections.h.

◆ operatingCarrierDesignator

QString KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::operatingCarrierDesignator

Definition at line 87 of file iatabcbpsections.h.

◆ operatingCarrierPNRCode

QString KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::operatingCarrierPNRCode

Definition at line 84 of file iatabcbpsections.h.

◆ passengerStatus

QString KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::passengerStatus

Definition at line 93 of file iatabcbpsections.h.

◆ seatNumber

QString KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::seatNumber

Definition at line 91 of file iatabcbpsections.h.

◆ toCityAirportCode

QString KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::toCityAirportCode

Definition at line 86 of file iatabcbpsections.h.

◆ variableFieldSize

int KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::variableFieldSize

Definition at line 94 of file iatabcbpsections.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection()

IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection ( QStringView data)

Definition at line 78 of file iatabcbpsections.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ dateOfFlight()

QDate IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::dateOfFlight ( const QDateTime & contextDate = QDateTime::currentDateTime()) const

Date of the flight.

contextDateA date before the flight to determine the full year which is not specified in the pass itself.

Definition at line 100 of file iatabcbpsections.cpp.

◆ isValid()

bool IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection::isValid ( ) const

Definition at line 88 of file iatabcbpsections.cpp.

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