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#include <uic9183parser.h>


QString carrierId
KItinerary::Organization issuer
KItinerary::TrainStation outboundArrivalStation
KItinerary::TrainStation outboundDepartureStation
KItinerary::Person person
QString pnr
QByteArray rawData
QVariant rct2Ticket
QString READ
KItinerary::TrainStation returnArrivalStation
KItinerary::TrainStation returnDepartureStation
QString seatingType
QVariant ticketLayout
QDateTime validFrom
QDateTime validUntil

Public Member Functions

 Uic9183Parser (const Uic9183Parser &)
Q_INVOKABLE QVariant block (const QString &1) const
QString carrierId () const
template<typename T >
findBlock () const
Uic9183Block findBlock (const char 1[6]) const
Uic9183Block firstBlock () const
Uic9183Header header () const
Organization issuer () const
bool isValid () const
Uic9183Parseroperator= (const Uic9183Parser &)
TrainStation outboundArrivalStation () const
TrainStation outboundDepartureStation () const
void parse (const QByteArray &data)
Person person () const
QString pnr () const
 QString () const
QByteArray rawData () const
Rct2Ticket rct2Ticket () const
TrainStation returnArrivalStation () const
TrainStation returnDepartureStation () const
QString seatingType () const
void setContextDate (const QDateTime &)
Uic9183TicketLayout ticketLayout () const
QDateTime validFrom () const
QDateTime validUntil () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool maybeUic9183 (const QByteArray &data)

Detailed Description

Property Documentation

◆ rct2Ticket

Rct2Ticket Uic9183Parser::rct2Ticket

RCT2 ticket layout block, if present, null otherwise.

Definition at line 55 of file uic9183parser.h.

◆ ticketLayout

Uic9183TicketLayout Uic9183Parser::ticketLayout

U_TLAY ticket layout block, if present, null otherwise.

Definition at line 53 of file uic9183parser.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ block()

QVariant Uic9183Parser::block ( const QString 1) const

Same as the above, but for JS usage.

Definition at line 66 of file uic9183parser.cpp.

◆ carrierId()

QString KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::carrierId ( ) const

The UIC carrier code.

◆ findBlock() [1/2]

template<typename T >
T KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::findBlock ( ) const

Returns the first block of type.

Template Parameters
T.A null block is returned if no such block exists.

Definition at line 118 of file uic9183parser.h.

◆ findBlock() [2/2]

Uic9183Block Uic9183Parser::findBlock ( const char  1[6]) const

Returns the first block with the given name.

A null block is returned if no such block exists.

Definition at line 56 of file uic9183parser.cpp.

◆ firstBlock()

Uic9183Block Uic9183Parser::firstBlock ( ) const

First data block in this ticket.

Useful for iterating over all blocks.

Definition at line 51 of file uic9183parser.cpp.

◆ header()

Uic9183Header Uic9183Parser::header ( ) const

Header found before the compressed payload.

Definition at line 649 of file uic9183parser.cpp.

◆ issuer()

Organization KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::issuer ( ) const

Full issuer organization element.

◆ maybeUic9183()

bool Uic9183Parser::maybeUic9183 ( const QByteArray data)

Quickly checks if might be UIC 918.3 content.

This prioritizes speed over correctness and is used in barcode content auto-detection.

Definition at line 659 of file uic9183parser.cpp.

◆ outboundArrivalStation()

TrainStation KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::outboundArrivalStation ( ) const

Station object for the arrival station of the outbound trip.

◆ outboundDepartureStation()

TrainStation KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::outboundDepartureStation ( ) const

Station object for the departure station of the outbound trip.

◆ person()

Person KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::person ( ) const

The person this ticket is issued to.

◆ pnr()

QString KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::pnr ( ) const

The booking reference.

◆ QString()

KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::QString ( ) const

Ticket name.

◆ rawData()

QByteArray KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::rawData ( ) const

Raw data of this ticket.

Useful for generating a barcode for it again.

◆ rct2Ticket()

Rct2Ticket KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::rct2Ticket ( ) const

RCT2 ticket layout, if present.

◆ returnArrivalStation()

TrainStation KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::returnArrivalStation ( ) const

Station object for the arrival station of the return trip.

◆ returnDepartureStation()

TrainStation KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::returnDepartureStation ( ) const

Station object for the departure station of the return trip.

◆ seatingType()

QString KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::seatingType ( ) const
See also

◆ setContextDate()

void Uic9183Parser::setContextDate ( const QDateTime )

Date/time this ticket was first encountered.

This is used to recover a missing year in the ticket data.

Definition at line 90 of file uic9183parser.cpp.

◆ ticketLayout()

Uic9183TicketLayout KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::ticketLayout ( ) const

U_TLAY ticket layout block.

◆ validFrom()

QDateTime KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::validFrom ( ) const

Begin of validity.

◆ validUntil()

QDateTime KItinerary::Uic9183Parser::validUntil ( ) const

End of validity.

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