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#include <iatabcbp.h>


QString rawData
KItinerary::IataBcbpSecuritySection securitySection
KItinerary::IataBcbpUniqueConditionalSection uniqueConditionalSection
KItinerary::IataBcbpUniqueMandatorySection uniqueMandatorySection

Public Member Functions

 IataBcbp (const QString &data)
Q_INVOKABLE QString airlineUseSection (int leg) const
bool hasSecuritySection () const
bool hasUniqueConditionalSection () const
bool isValid () const
QString rawData () const
Q_INVOKABLE KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedConditionalSection repeatedConditionalSection (int leg) const
Q_INVOKABLE KItinerary::IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection repeatedMandatorySection (int leg) const
IataBcbpSecuritySection securitySection () const
IataBcbpUniqueConditionalSection uniqueConditionalSection () const
IataBcbpUniqueMandatorySection uniqueMandatorySection () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool maybeIataBcbp (const QByteArray &data)
static bool maybeIataBcbp (const QString &data)

Detailed Description

A IATA BarCoded Boarding Pass (BCBP)

Definition at line 20 of file iatabcbp.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ airlineUseSection()

QString IataBcbp::airlineUseSection ( int  leg) const

Airline use (non-standard/vendor specific) section of leg.

Definition at line 103 of file iatabcbp.cpp.

◆ maybeIataBcbp()

bool IataBcbp::maybeIataBcbp ( const QByteArray data)

Fast checks whether this might be an IATA BCBP.

Definition at line 145 of file iatabcbp.cpp.

◆ rawData()

QString KItinerary::IataBcbp::rawData ( ) const

Raw data, for generating barcodes out of this again.

◆ repeatedConditionalSection()

IataBcbpRepeatedConditionalSection IataBcbp::repeatedConditionalSection ( int  leg) const

Conditional (optional) section of leg.

Definition at line 91 of file iatabcbp.cpp.

◆ repeatedMandatorySection()

IataBcbpRepeatedMandatorySection IataBcbp::repeatedMandatorySection ( int  leg) const

Mandatory section of leg.

Definition at line 82 of file iatabcbp.cpp.

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