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KItinerary::JsonLdFilterEngine Class Reference

#include <jsonldfilterengine.h>


struct  PropertyMapping
struct  TypeFilter
struct  TypeMapping

Public Member Functions

void filterRecursive (QJsonArray &array)
void filterRecursive (QJsonObject &obj)
void setPropertyMappings (const PropertyMapping *propertyMappings, std::size_t count)
template<std::size_t N>
void setPropertyMappings (const PropertyMapping(&propertyMappings)[N])
void setTypeFilters (const TypeFilter *typeFilters, std::size_t count)
template<std::size_t N>
void setTypeFilters (const TypeFilter(&typeFilters)[N])
void setTypeMappings (const TypeMapping *typeMappings, std::size_t count)
template<std::size_t N>
void setTypeMappings (const TypeMapping(&typeMappings)[N])

Detailed Description

JSON-LD filtering for input normalization or type transforms.

only exported for unit tests

Definition at line 27 of file jsonldfilterengine.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ filterRecursive() [1/2]

void JsonLdFilterEngine::filterRecursive ( QJsonArray & array)

Definition at line 81 of file jsonldfilterengine.cpp.

◆ filterRecursive() [2/2]

void JsonLdFilterEngine::filterRecursive ( QJsonObject & obj)

Recursively apply filtering rules to obj.

Definition at line 29 of file jsonldfilterengine.cpp.

◆ setPropertyMappings() [1/2]

void JsonLdFilterEngine::setPropertyMappings ( const PropertyMapping * propertyMappings,
std::size_t count )

Definition at line 108 of file jsonldfilterengine.cpp.

◆ setPropertyMappings() [2/2]

template<std::size_t N>
void KItinerary::JsonLdFilterEngine::setPropertyMappings ( const PropertyMapping(&) propertyMappings[N])

Definition at line 75 of file jsonldfilterengine.h.

◆ setTypeFilters() [1/2]

void JsonLdFilterEngine::setTypeFilters ( const TypeFilter * typeFilters,
std::size_t count )

Definition at line 102 of file jsonldfilterengine.cpp.

◆ setTypeFilters() [2/2]

template<std::size_t N>
void KItinerary::JsonLdFilterEngine::setTypeFilters ( const TypeFilter(&) typeFilters[N])

Definition at line 60 of file jsonldfilterengine.h.

◆ setTypeMappings() [1/2]

void JsonLdFilterEngine::setTypeMappings ( const TypeMapping * typeMappings,
std::size_t count )

Definition at line 96 of file jsonldfilterengine.cpp.

◆ setTypeMappings() [2/2]

template<std::size_t N>
void KItinerary::JsonLdFilterEngine::setTypeMappings ( const TypeMapping(&) typeMappings[N])

Definition at line 46 of file jsonldfilterengine.h.

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