KItinerary::IataBcbpParser Namespace Reference


QList< QVariantparse (const IataBcbp &bcbp, const QDateTime &contextDate)
QList< QVariantparse (const QString &message, const QDateTime &externalIssueDateTime=QDateTime())

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QList< QVariant > KItinerary::IataBcbpParser::parse ( const QString message,
const QDateTime externalIssueDateTime = QDateTime() 

Parses the bar coded boarding pass message message into a list of FlightReservation instances.

messageThe message.
externalIssueDateThe date the boarding pass was issued (or a sufficiently close approximation). This is necessary as by default the BCBP data only contains day and month of the flight, not the year.

Definition at line 29 of file iatabcbpparser.cpp.

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