Python Bindings

This directory contains some basic python bindings to allow HTMesh indexation from python scripts. The bindings are created with pybind11.


Make sure you can build kstars and have pybind11 installed.


Run python3 setup.py install.


Use the flag -DBUILD_PYKSTARS=ON when configuring kstars with cmake and then build the pykstars target. The python module kstars/python/pykstars.cpython-*.so will be built and can then be imported.



The class pykstars.Indexer is a thin wrapper to interface with the SkyMesh implementation in KStars.

The constructor takes the HTMesh level as an argument. The only interesting method of the Indexer is get_trixel which takes the right ascension and declination of some object and returns the computed trixel id. The third argument can optionally be set to True if an epoch conversion from B1950 to J2000 is required.

>>> import kstars.python.pykstars as pykstars
>>> I = pykstars.Indexer(7)
>>> I.get_trixel(1, 2, True)
>>> I.get_trixel(1, 2)


These are just straight python bindings for the CatalogsDB::DBManager class.


  • Valentin Boettcher <hiro at protagon.space>, hiro98:kde.org
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