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CollageItem Class Reference
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var cb
var images
- Properties inherited from GridBrowserDelegate
bool autoExclusive
bool checkable
bool checked
alias dropArea
alias fillMode
alias iconItem
alias iconSizeHint
alias iconSource
alias iconVisible
alias imageHeight
alias imageSizeHint
alias imageSource
alias imageWidth
alias label1
alias label2
alias labelsVisible
alias maskRadius
alias template
- Properties inherited from ItemDelegate
alias containsPress
alias content
bool draggable
bool flat
bool highlighted
alias isCurrentItem
alias mouseArea
int radius
string tooltipText

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from GridBrowserDelegate
void contentDropped (var drop)
void toggled (bool state)
- Signals inherited from ItemDelegate
void clicked (var mouse)
void doubleClicked (var mouse)
void pressAndHold (var mouse)
void pressed (var mouse)
void rightClicked (var mouse)

Detailed Description

A custom item to be used as a delegate in the browsing views or as a standalone card. This element presents a group of images in a vignette-form.

org.mauikit.controls 1.0

This control inherits all properties from the MauiKit GridBrowserDelegate control.

As delegate with a vary number of images
anchors.fill: parent
model: 30
itemSize: 200
delegate: Item
width: GridView.view.cellWidth
height: GridView.view.cellHeight
anchors.fill: parent
label1.text: "Demo"
label2.text: index
images: index %2 === 0 ? ['/home/camiloh/Downloads/street-1234360.jpg', '/home/camiloh/Downloads/flat-coated-retriever-1339154.jpg', '/home/camiloh/Downloads/5911329.jpeg'] : ['/home/camiloh/Downloads/street-1234360.jpg', '/home/camiloh/Downloads/flat-coated-retriever-1339154.jpg', '/home/camiloh/Downloads/5911329.jpeg', '/home/camiloh/Pictures/LastLights_by_Mushcube/LastLightsScreenPreview.png']
var images
A list of images to be used.
alias view

You can find a more complete example at this link.

Definition at line 43 of file CollageItem.qml.

Property Documentation

◆ cb

var CollageItem::cb

A callback function to manage what image is positioned.

This callback function is called for each image source set in the model images, so the final source can be modified. This function should return a - new or modified - image source URL.

As an example, if the images model looks like: ["page1", "page2", "page3"] - which are not file URLs, this callback function can be use to map each individual source to an actual file URL.

images: ["page1", "page2", "page3"]
cb : (source) =>
return mapSourceToImageFile(source) //here the "page1" could be mapped to "file:///some/path/to/image1.jpg" and return this new source to be use.
var cb
A callback function to manage what image is positioned.

Definition at line 63 of file CollageItem.qml.

◆ images

var CollageItem::images

A list of images to be used.

The maximum value that should be displayed is 4.

Definition at line 50 of file CollageItem.qml.

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