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 CAbstractPlatformThe AbstractPlatform class Defines abstract methods and properties that are common to be implemeted by each different platform Maui supports
 CAltBrowserA convinient way of switching between a grid an a list view
 CAnimatedImageViewerA view for displaying animated images, such as GIF documents
 CApplicationWindowA window that provides some basic features needed for most applications
 CAppViewThe AppView class
 CAppViewLoaderA companion for the AppViews control, for lazy-loading the views to not drain too much resources
 CAppViewsViews switcher component
 CBadgeA Badge item to display text - as a counter - or an icon as a notification hint
 CBaseWindowA base window implementation for window dialogs and the main application window
 CChipThis an information element, similar to a button, but more compact
 CCloseButtonThe standard control for presenting a close button
 CCollageItemA custom item to be used as a delegate in the browsing views or as a standalone card. This element presents a group of images in a vignette-form
 CColorsRowA row of color buttons
 CColorUtilsUtilities for processing items to obtain colors and information useful for UIs that need to adjust to variable elements
 CContextualMenuA convergent contextual menu that adapats to the screen size and device input method
 CControlsThe Controls class
 CCSDButtonAn abstraction for a client-side-decoration button
 CCSDControlsThe client-side-decorations manager for the MauiKit application
 CDialogWindowA window that provides some basic features needed for most applications
 CDoodleA drawing component wrapped in a popup surface. This controls inherits from MauiKit PopupPage, to checkout its inherited properties refer to the docs
 CDoodleCanvasThe canvas element for the Doodle component
 CFileListingDialogA dialog for listing file URLs and for suggesting to perform an action[s]
 CFlexListItemA template to position information next to a flexing right-content section, that wraps into a new line under constrained space conditions
 CFlexSectionItemAn item used for holding information in a responsive layout. This control inherits from MauiKit FlexListItem, to checkout its inherited properties refer to the docs
 CFloatingButtonA button styled to be used "floating" above other elements
 CFontPickerA custom control use to pick a font and its properties
 CFontPickerDialogThe Mauikit FontPicker component wrapped inside a popup dialog for convenience
 CFontPickerModelA model of fonts and its properties
 CFontsComboBoxA combo-box element to list the system fonts with a inline style preview
 CGalleryRollItemA custom item to be used as a delegate in the browsing views or as a standalone card. This element presents a group of images in a carousel form
 CGalleryRollTemplateA template control to display images in a carousel form
 CGridBrowserA browser view with a grid layout
 CGridBrowserDelegateA MauiKit ItemDelegate with some extra functionality and an informational column layout
 CGridItemTemplateA template with a icon or image and a two bottom labels
 CGroupSizesThe sizes group for some Style properties, such as Style::iconSize, Style::space, etc
 CHandyThe Handy class
 CHolderHolder A component meant to be used as a placeholder element with support for a title, message body, icon image - animated or not -, and a set of contextual actions
 CIconClass for rendering an icon in UI
 CIconItemAn element to display an icon from the icon theme or file asset; or an image from a local file or a remote URL
 CIconLabelA icon and a label put together in two possible positions, a horizontal or vertical layout
 CImageColorsExtracts the dominant colors from an element or an image and exports it to a color palette
 CImageViewerA view container for displaying images
 CInfoDialogA Dialog with a built-in template container for displaying information, with a title, image and message body
 CInputDialogAn InfoDialog with a text entry field
 CItemDelegateItemDelegate is the base for the MauiKit delegate controls
 CKirigamiWheelEventDescribes the mouse wheel event
 CLabelDelegateA basic MauiKit delegate for displaying a text label with an icon in a horizontal layout
 CListBrowserA browser view with a list layout
 CListBrowserDelegateA MauiKit ItemDelegate with an informational row layout
 CListDelegateA basic delagate for a label and an icon, to be used in a list browser
 CListItemTemplateA template for an horizontal layout of information
 CMAUIAndroidThe MAUIAndroid class
 CMauiAppThe MauiApp class The MauiApp is a global singleton instance, can be accessed from QML as an attached property, so it can be used by importing org.mauikit.controls
 CMauiListMauiList class
 CMauiModelThe MauiModel class
 CMenuItemActionRowA menu item entry for placing a set of actions as the children
 CPageA page with a header and footer, that can be flipped among many other features
 CPageLayoutA MauiKit Page with a toolbar bar content that is dynamically split onto two bars upon request
 CPasswordFieldA text field meant to enter passwords
 CPieButtonA group of actions positioned in a plegable ribbon that fold/unfolds from a big floating colored button
 CPopupPageA QQC2 Popup with extra built-in features, such as a snapping surface, scrollable contents, and action buttons
 CProgressIndicatorA QQC2 ProgressBar bu styled to be used as a indetermined progress indicator
 CScrollColumnA QQC2 ScrollView setup ready for adding any children into a column layout that is scrollable
 CSearchFieldThis is just a QQC2 TextField with a icon to more clearly indicate its intended use case for entering search queries This control inherits from QQC2 TextField, to checkout its inherited properties refer to the Qt Docs
 CSectionGroupA control to group children elements into a column layout with a header section with a title and message body
 CSectionHeaderA control for dividing sections with a title label and a message body. This controls inherits from QQC2 Pane, to checkout its inherited properties refer to the Qt Docs.
 CSectionItemAn item used for holding information in a vertical column layout
 CSelectionBarA bar to group selected items and a list of actions to perform to such selection
 CSeparatorA visual separator
 CSettingsDialogA popup page with a scrollable vertical layout, and support for a stack of multiple pages
 CSettingsPageA friend control for the SettingsDialog
 CShadowedRectangleJust a wrapper for the Kirigami type
 CShareDialogA dialog listing the available services for sharing the given set of local files
 CShareDialogLinuxThe Linux implementation for the ShareDialog
 CSideBarThe container for the sidebar section in the SideBarView
 CSideBarViewA view with a collapsible sidebar
 CSplitViewAn extension to the QQC2 SplitView control, adding some extra functionality
 CSplitViewItemAn item to be used as a view container for the MauiKit SplitView
 CStyleThe MauiKit Style preferences singleton object
 CSwipeBrowserDelegateA control used to display information in a horizontal layout, and with a set of actions placed underneath that is revealed by swiping to the left
 CSwipeItemDelegateA template base for presenting an upper and under layer of content
 CTabBarTab bar alternative to QQC TabBar, and based on it
 CTabButtonA expanded implementation of the QQC2 TabButton with a predefined horizontal layout
 CTabViewContainer to organize items as a tab view
 CTabViewButtonA TabButton crafted to be use along with the MauiKit TabView
 CTabViewInfoThe TabViewInfo class
 CTabViewItemJust a basic wrapper around a QQC2 Loader, to put in a TabView view and lazy-load it, only when it is the current view or already has been activated
 CTextFieldPopupA TextField control with an attached popup surface
 CTileSetTilesets are collections of stretchable pixmaps corresponding to a given widget corners, sides, and center
 CToolActionsA set of grouped action visually joined together
 CToolBarAn alternative to QQC2 ToolBar, with a custom horizontal layout - divided into three main sections - left, middle and right
 CToolButtonMenuA control to host into a Menu popup, a set of MenuItem or Actions as its children
 CUnitsThe Unit group properties
 CWheelHandlerHandles scrolling for a Flickable and 2 attached ScrollBars
 CWindowControlsLinuxThe window control buttons for windows using client side decorations
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