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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CPolkitQt1::ActionDescriptionClass used to encapsulate a registered action
 CPolkitQt1::Agent::AsyncResultEncapsulation of GSimpleAsyncResult to QObject class
 CPolkitQt1::DetailsClass used for passing details around
 CPolkitQt1::IdentityAbstract class representing identities
 CPolkitQt1::UnixGroupIdentityAn object representing a group identity on a UNIX system
 CPolkitQt1::UnixUserIdentityAn object representing a user identity on a UNIX system
 CQObject [external]
 CPolkitQt1::Agent::ListenerListener is abstract class used for implementing authentication agents
 CPolkitQt1::AuthorityConvenience class for Qt/KDE applications
 CQAction [external]
 CPolkitQt1::Gui::ActionClass used to manage actions
 CPolkitQt1::Gui::ActionButtonClass used to hold and update a QAbstractButton
 CPolkitQt1::Gui::ActionButtonsClass used to hold and update a list of QAbstractButtons
 CPolkitQt1::SubjectThis class represents PolicyKit subjects
 CPolkitQt1::SystemBusNameSubjectA class for representing a process owning a unique name on the system bus
 CPolkitQt1::UnixProcessSubjectA class for representing a UNIX process
 CPolkitQt1::UnixSessionSubjectA class for representing unix session
 CPolkitQt1::TemporaryAuthorizationThis class represents PolicyKit temporary authorization
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