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QCA::TextFilter Member List

This is the complete list of members for QCA::TextFilter, including all inherited members.

arrayToString(const MemoryRegion &a)QCA::TextFilter
clear()=0QCA::Filterpure virtual
decode(const MemoryRegion &a)QCA::TextFilter
decodeString(const QString &s)QCA::TextFilter
direction() constQCA::TextFilter
encode(const MemoryRegion &a)QCA::TextFilter
encodeString(const QString &s)QCA::TextFilter
final()=0QCA::Filterpure virtual
ok() const =0QCA::Filterpure virtual
process(const MemoryRegion &a)QCA::Filter
setup(Direction dir)QCA::TextFilter
stringToArray(const QString &s)QCA::TextFilter
TextFilter(Direction dir)QCA::TextFilter
update(const MemoryRegion &a)=0QCA::Filterpure virtual
~Filter() (defined in QCA::Filter)QCA::Filtervirtual
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