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 NKPartsThe KParts namespace,
 CFileInfoExtensionAn extension for obtaining file information from the part
 CGUIActivateEventThis event is sent to a Part when its GUI has been activated or deactivated
 CListingFilterExtensionAn extension for filtering listings
 CListingNotificationExtensionAn extension for receiving listing change notification
 CMainWindowA KPart-aware main window, whose user interface is described in XML
 CNavigationExtensionAn extension to KParts::ReadOnlyPart, which allows a better integration of parts with browsers (in particular Konqueror)
 COpenUrlArgumentsOpenUrlArguments is the set of arguments that specify how a URL should be opened by KParts::ReadOnlyPart::openUrl()
 COpenUrlEventThe KParts::OpenUrlEvent event informs that a given part has opened a given URL
 CPartBase class for parts
 CPartActivateEventThis event is sent by the part manager when the active part changes
 CPartBaseBase class for all parts
 CPartManagerThe part manager is an object which knows about a collection of parts (even nested ones) and handles activation/deactivation
 CReadOnlyPartBase class for any "viewer" part
 CReadWritePartBase class for an "editor" part
 CStatusBarExtensionAn extension for KParts that allows more sophisticated statusbar handling
 CTerminalInterfaceTerminalInterface is an interface implemented by KonsolePart to allow developers access to the KonsolePart in ways that are not possible through the normal KPart interface
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