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 CKParts::BrowserArgumentsBrowserArguments is a set of web-browsing-specific arguments, which allow specifying how a URL should be opened by openUrl() (as a complement to KParts::OpenUrlArguments which are the non-web-specific arguments)
 CKParts::BrowserOpenOrSaveQuestionThis class shows the dialog that asks the user whether to save a url or open a url in another application
 CKParts::ScriptableExtension::ExceptionReturned from operations to denote a failure
 CKParts::ScriptableExtension::FunctionRefFunction references are a pair of an object and a field in it
 CKParts::HtmlSettingsInterfaceAn interface for modifying the settings of browser engines
 CKXMLGUIBuilder [external]
 CKXmlGuiWindow [external]
 CKParts::MainWindowA KPart-aware main window, whose user interface is described in XML
 CKXMLGUIClient [external]
 CKParts::PartBaseBase class for all parts
 CKParts::MainWindowA KPart-aware main window, whose user interface is described in XML
 CKParts::PartBase class for parts
 CKParts::ReadOnlyPartBase class for any "viewer" part
 CKParts::ReadWritePartBase class for an "editor" part
 CKParts::PluginA plugin is the way to add actions to an existing KParts application, or to a Part
 CKXmlGuiWindow [external]
 CKParts::ScriptableExtension::NullCorresponds to 'null' in JavaScript
 CKParts::ScriptableExtension::ObjectObjects are abstracted away as a pair of the ScriptableExtension the performs operations on it, and an implementation-specific Id, which gets passed to the extension's methods
 CKParts::OpenUrlArgumentsOpenUrlArguments is the set of arguments that specify how a URL should be opened by KParts::ReadOnlyPart::openUrl()
 CQEvent [external]
 CKParts::EventBase class for all KParts events
 CKParts::GUIActivateEventThis event is sent to a Part when its GUI has been activated or deactivated. This is related to PartActivateEvent, but the difference is that GUIActivateEvent happens later (when the GUI is actually built), only for parts that have GUI elements, and only if using KParts::MainWindow
 CKParts::OpenUrlEventThe KParts::OpenUrlEvent event informs that a given part has opened a given URL. Applications can use this event to send this information to interested plugins
 CKParts::PartActivateEventThis event is sent by the part manager when the active part changes. Each time the active part changes, it will send first a PartActivateEvent with activated=false, part=oldActivePart, widget=oldActiveWidget and then another PartActivateEvent with activated=true, part=newPart, widget=newWidget
 CKParts::PartSelectEventThis event is sent when a part is selected or deselected
 CQObject [external]
 CKParts::BrowserExtensionThe Browser Extension is an extension (yes, no kidding) to KParts::ReadOnlyPart, which allows a better integration of parts with browsers (in particular Konqueror)
 CKParts::BrowserHostExtensionAn extension class for container parts, i.e. parts that contain other parts. For instance a KHTMLPart hosts one part per frame
 CKParts::BrowserInterfaceThe purpose of this interface is to allow a direct communication between a KPart and the hosting browser shell (for example Konqueror) . A shell implementing this interface can propagate it to embedded kpart components by using the setBrowserInterface call of the part's KParts::BrowserExtension object
 CKParts::FileInfoExtensionAn extension for obtaining file information from the part
 CKParts::HistoryProviderBasic class to manage a history of "items". This class is only meant for fast lookup, if an item is in the history or not
 CKParts::HtmlExtensionAn extension for KParts to provide HTML-related features
 CKParts::ListingFilterExtensionAn extension for filtering listings
 CKParts::ListingNotificationExtensionAn extension for receiving listing change notification
 CKParts::LiveConnectExtensionAn extension class for LiveConnect, i.e. a call from JavaScript from a HTML page which embeds this part. A part can have an object hierarchy by using objid as a reference to an object
 CKParts::PartBase class for parts
 CKParts::PartManagerThe part manager is an object which knows about a collection of parts (even nested ones) and handles activation/deactivation
 CKParts::PluginA plugin is the way to add actions to an existing KParts application, or to a Part
 CKParts::ScriptableExtensionAn extension class that permits KParts to be scripted (such as when embedded inside a KHTMLPart) and to access the host's scriptable objects as well
 CKParts::StatusBarExtensionAn extension for KParts that allows more sophisticated statusbar handling
 CKParts::TextExtensionAn extension for KParts that allows to retrieve text from the part
 CKRun [external]
 CKParts::BrowserRunThis class extends KRun to provide additional functionality for browsers:
 CQWidget [external]
 CQMainWindow [external]
 CKMainWindow [external]
 CKXmlGuiWindow [external]
 CQPaintDevice [external]
 CQWidget [external]
 CKParts::SelectorInterfaceOptional base class for HtmlExtension-derived classes Provides DOM Selector like API: querySelector and querySelectorAll, in order to find specific elements in an HTML document
 CTerminalInterfaceTerminalInterface is an interface implemented by KonsolePart to allow developers access to the KonsolePart in ways that are not possible through the normal KPart interface
 CKParts::ScriptableExtension::UndefinedCorresponds to 'undefined' in JavaScript
 CKParts::WindowArgsThe WindowArgs are used to specify arguments to the "create new window" call (see the createNewWindow variant that uses WindowArgs). The primary reason for this is the javascript function
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