Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CKSelectionOwnerThis class implements claiming and owning manager selections, as described in the ICCCM, section 2.8
 CKSelectionWatcherThis class implements watching manager selections, as described in the ICCCM section 2.8
 CKStartupInfoClass for manipulating the application startup notification
 CKStartupInfoDataClass representing data about an application startup notification
 CKStartupInfoIdClass representing an identification of application startup notification
 CKWindowInfoThis class provides information about a given window in the platform specific windowing system
 CKWindowShadowDrop-shadow that is drawn by the compositor
 CKWindowShadowTilePlatform-indendent shadow tile representation
 CKWindowSystemConvenience access to certain properties and features of the window manager
 CKX11ExtrasA collection of functions to obtain information from and manipulate X11 windows
 CKXMessagesSending string messages to other applications using the X Client Messages
 CNETBase namespace class
 CNETExtendedStrutPartial strut class for NET classes
 CNETFullscreenMonitorsSimple multiple monitor topology class for NET classes
 CNETIconSimple icon class for NET classes
 CNETPointSimple point class for NET classes
 CNETRectSimple rectangle class for NET classes
 CNETRootInfoCommon API for root window properties/protocols
 CNETSizeSimple size class for NET classes
 CNETWinInfoCommon API for application window properties/protocols
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