Akonadi Calendar

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 CBlockAlarmsAttributeAn Attribute that marks that alarms from a calendar collection are blocked
 CCalendarBaseThe base class for all akonadi aware calendars
 CCalendarClipboardClass to copy or cut calendar incidences
 CCollectionCalendarCalendar representing a single Akonadi::Collection
 CETMCalendarA KCalendarCore::Calendar that uses an EntityTreeModel to populate itself
 CFetchJobCalendarA KCalendarCore::Calendar that uses a one time IncidenceFetchJob to populate itself
 CFreeBusyProviderBaseBase class for resources providing free-busy information
 CGroupwareUiDelegateUi delegate for editing counter proposals
 CHistoryHistory class for implementing undo/redo of calendar operations
 CIncidenceTreeModelHierarchical incidence model
 CITIPHandlerHandles sending of iTip messages as well as processing incoming ones
 CITIPHandlerComponentFactoryFactory to create Akonadi::MessageQueueJob jobs or ITIPHandlerDialogDelegate objects
 CITIPHandlerDialogDelegateUi delegate for dialogs raised by the ITIPHandler and IncidenceChanger
 CSearchCollectionHelperHelper class to initialise the search collections
 CStandardCalendarActionManagerManages calendar specific actions for collection and item views
 CTodoModelExpands an IncidenceTreeModel by additional columns for showing todos
 CTodoPurgerClass to delete completed to-dos
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