Akonadi Calendar

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 CBlockAlarmsAttributeAn Attribute that marks that alarms from a calendar collection are blocked
 CCalendarBaseThe base class for all akonadi aware calendars
 CCalendarClipboardClass to copy or cut calendar incidences
 CETMCalendarA KCalendarCore::Calendar that uses an EntityTreeModel to populate itself
 CFetchJobCalendarA KCalendarCore::Calendar that uses a one time IncidenceFetchJob to populate itself
 CFreeBusyProviderBaseBase class for resources providing free-busy information
 CGroupwareUiDelegateUi delegate for editing counter proposals
 CHistoryHistory class for implementing undo/redo of calendar operations
 CIncidenceTreeModelHierarchical incidence model
 CITIPHandlerHandles sending of iTip messages as well as processing incoming ones
 CITIPHandlerComponentFactoryFactory to create MailTransport::MessageQueueJob jobs or ITIPHandlerDialogDelegate objects
 CITIPHandlerDialogDelegateUi delegate for dialogs raised by the ITIPHandler and IncidenceChanger
 CStandardCalendarActionManagerManages calendar specific actions for collection and item views
 CTodoPurgerClass to delete completed to-dos
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