Todo List
Member Akonadi::AgentBase::setNeedsNetwork (bool needsNetwork)
use this in combination with QNetworkConfiguration to change the onLine status of the agent.
Class Akonadi::CachePolicy

Do we also need a size limit for the cache as well?

on a POP3 account, is should not be possible to change locally cached parts, find a solution for that

Member Akonadi::CollectionFetchJob::CollectionFetchJob (const Collection::List &collections, Type type, QObject *parent=nullptr)
KDE5 merge with ctor above.
Class Akonadi::Monitor

Distinguish between monitoring collection properties and collection content.

Special case for collection content counts changed

Class Akonadi::ResourceBase

Complete this (online/offline state management)

Convenience base class for collection-less resources

Member Akonadi::ResourceBase::retrieveItems (const Akonadi::Item::List &items, const QSet< QByteArray > &parts)
: Make this method pure virtual once retrieveItem() is gone
Class Akonadi::Server::ItemRetriever
make usable for Fetch by allowing to share queries
Namespace Akonadi::Server::PartHelper
Use exceptions for error handling in all these methods. Requires that all callers can handle that first though.
Member Akonadi::Server::QueryBuilder::setSubQueryMode (Query::LogicOperator op, ConditionType type=WhereCondition)
Give this method a better name.
Class Akonadi::StandardActionManager
collection deleting and sync do not support multi-selection yet
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