Ekos DBus Interface - Align Module


Q_SCRIPTABLE Q_NOREPLY void Ekos::Align::abort ()
Q_SCRIPTABLE bool Ekos::Align::captureAndSolve ()
Q_SCRIPTABLE QList< double > Ekos::Align::getTargetCoords ()
Q_SCRIPTABLE bool Ekos::Align::loadAndSlew (QString fileURL=QString())
Q_SCRIPTABLE Q_NOREPLY void Ekos::Align::setBinningIndex (int binIndex)
Q_SCRIPTABLE Q_NOREPLY void Ekos::Align::setSolverMode (int mode)
void Ekos::Align::setTarget (const SkyPoint &targetCoord)
Q_SCRIPTABLE Q_NOREPLY void Ekos::Align::setTargetCoords (double ra0, double de0)
Q_SCRIPTABLE Q_NOREPLY void Ekos::Align::setTargetPositionAngle (double value)
void Ekos::Align::setTelescopeCoordinates (const SkyPoint &position)
void Ekos::Align::stop (Ekos::AlignState mode)
void Ekos::Align::suspend ()

Detailed Description

Ekos::Align interface provides advanced scripting capabilities to solve images using online or offline astrometry.net.

Function Documentation

◆ abort()

Q_SCRIPTABLE Q_NOREPLY void Ekos::Align::abort ( )

DBUS interface function.

Aborts the solving operation, handle outside of the align module.

Definition at line 401 of file align.h.

◆ captureAndSolve()

bool Ekos::Align::captureAndSolve ( )

DBUS interface function.

Capture and solve an image using the astrometry.net engine

Returns true if the procedure started successful, false otherwise.

Definition at line 1391 of file align.cpp.

◆ getTargetCoords()

QList< double > Ekos::Align::getTargetCoords ( )

getTargetCoords QList of target coordinates.

First value is J2000 RA in hours. Second value is J2000 DE in degrees.

Definition at line 3721 of file align.cpp.

◆ loadAndSlew()

bool Ekos::Align::loadAndSlew ( QString  fileURL = QString())

DBUS interface function.

Loads an image (FITS, RAW, or JPG/PNG) and solve its coordinates, then it slews to the solved coordinates and an image is captured and solved to ensure the telescope is pointing to the same coordinates of the image.

fileURLURL to the image to solve

Definition at line 2942 of file align.cpp.

◆ setBinningIndex()

void Ekos::Align::setBinningIndex ( int  binIndex)

DBUS interface function.

Sets the binning of the selected CCD device.

binIndexIndex of binning value. Default values range from 0 (binning 1x1) to 3 (binning 4x4)

Definition at line 3017 of file align.cpp.

◆ setSolverMode()

void Ekos::Align::setSolverMode ( int  mode)

DBUS interface function.

Select the solver mode

typeSet solver type. 0 LOCAL, 1 REMOTE (requires remote astrometry driver to be activated)

Definition at line 539 of file align.cpp.

◆ setTarget()

void Ekos::Align::setTarget ( const SkyPoint targetCoord)

Set the alignment target where the mount is expected to point at.

targetCoordexact coordinates of the target position.

Definition at line 3714 of file align.cpp.

◆ setTargetCoords()

void Ekos::Align::setTargetCoords ( double  ra0,
double  de0 

DBUS interface function.

Sets the target coordinates that the solver compares the solution coordinates to. By default, the target coordinates are those of the current mount when the capture and solve operation is started. In case of SYNC, only the error between the solution and target coordinates is calculated. When Slew to Target is selected, the mount would be slewed afterwards to this target coordinate.

ra0J2000 Right Ascension in hours.
de0J2000 Declination in degrees.

Definition at line 3705 of file align.cpp.

◆ setTelescopeCoordinates()

void Ekos::Align::setTelescopeCoordinates ( const SkyPoint position)

Set the coordinates that the mount reports as its position.

positioncurrent mount position

Definition at line 461 of file align.h.

◆ stop()

void Ekos::Align::stop ( Ekos::AlignState  mode)

Stop aligning.

modestop mode (abort or suspend)

Definition at line 2412 of file align.cpp.

◆ suspend()

void Ekos::Align::suspend ( )

Suspend aligning, recovery handled by the align module itself.

Definition at line 409 of file align.h.

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