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 CKBookmarkA class representing a bookmark
 CListKBookmark::List is a QList that contains bookmarks with a few convenience methods
 CKBookmarkActionThis class is a QAction for bookmarks
 CKBookmarkActionInterfaceThe interface to implement by actions and menus which represent a bookimark
 CKBookmarkActionMenuA wrapper around KActionMenu to provide a nice constructor for bookmark groups
 CKBookmarkContextMenuA context menu for a bookmark
 CKBookmarkDialogThis class provides a Dialog for editing properties, adding Bookmarks and creating new folders
 CKBookmarkGroupA group of bookmarks
 CKBookmarkGroupTraverserA class to traverse bookarm groups
 CKBookmarkManagerThis class implements the reading/writing of bookmarks in XML
 CKBookmarkMenuThis class provides a bookmark menu
 CKBookmarkOwnerThe KBookmarkMenu and KBookmarkBar classes gives the user the ability to either edit bookmarks or add their own
 CFutureBookmarkRepresents the data for a bookmark that will be added
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