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 CJobRepresents a single job
 CJobsModelA model used for listing Job
 CNotificationRepresents a single notification
 CNotificationsA model with notifications and jobs
 CServerA notification DBus server
 CServerInfoInformation about the notification server
 CSettingsNotification settings and state
 CAbstractTasksModelAn abstract base class for (flat) tasks models
 CAbstractTasksModelIfacePure virtual method interface for tasks model implementations
 CAbstractTasksProxyModelIfacePure method interface for tasks model implementations
 CAbstractWindowTasksModelAn abstract base class for window tasks models
 CActivityInfoProvides basic activity information
 CConcatenateTasksProxyModelA proxy tasks model for concatenating multiple source tasks models
 CFlattenTaskGroupsProxyModelA proxy tasks model for flattening a tree-structured tasks model into a list-structured tasks model
 CLauncherTasksModelA tasks model for launchers
 CStartupTasksModelA tasks model for startup notifications
 CTaskFilterProxyModelA proxy tasks model filtering its source model by various properties
 CTaskGroupingProxyModelA proxy tasks model for grouping tasks, forming a tree
 CTasksModelA unified tasks model
 CVirtualDesktopInfoProvides basic virtual desktop information
 CWaylandTasksModelA tasks model for Wayland windows
 CWindowTasksModelA window tasks model
 CXWindowTasksModelA tasks model for X Window System windows
 CAutostartScriptDesktopFileCorresponds to a .desktop file in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/autostart that points to an autostart script and has X-KDE-AutostartScript=true
 CScreencastingRequestAllows us to request a stream for a window identified by its universally unique identifier
 CSessionBackendPerforms direct system actions that could kill the session
 CSessionManagementPublic facing API for SessionManagement
 CUpdateLaunchEnvJobJob for updating the launch environment
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