2 * SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later
3 */
5#include <QList>
6#include <QString>
7#include <QVariant>
8#include <QMap>
9#include <QByteArray>
10#include <QAction>
12class Canvas;
13class Channel;
14class ColorDepth;
15class ColorManager;
16class ColorModel;
17class ColorProfile;
18class DockWidget;
20class Document;
21class Filter;
22class InfoObject;
23class Krita;
24class Node;
25class Notifier;
26class Resource;
27class Scratchpad;
28class Selection;
29class View;
30class Extension;
31class Window;
33class Shape;
34class GroupShape;
35class PaintLayer;
36class CloneLayer;
37class GroupLayer;
38class FilterLayer;
39class FillLayer;
40class FileLayer;
41class VectorLayer;
Canvas wraps the canvas inside a view on an image/document.
Definition Canvas.h:23
A Channel represents a single channel in a Node.
Definition Channel.h:23
The CloneLayer class A clone layer is a layer that takes a reference inside the image and shows the e...
Definition CloneLayer.h:26
The DockWidgetFactoryBase class is the base class for plugins that want to add a dock widget to every...
DockWidget is the base class for custom Dockers.
Definition DockWidget.h:43
The Document class encapsulates a Krita Document/Image.
Definition Document.h:37
An Extension is the base for classes that extend Krita.
Definition Extension.h:50
The FileLayer class A file layer is a layer that can reference an external image and show said refere...
Definition FileLayer.h:27
The FillLayer class A fill layer is much like a filter layer in that it takes a name and filter.
Definition FillLayer.h:25
The FilterLayer class A filter layer will, when compositing, take the composited image up to the poin...
Definition FilterLayer.h:34
The GroupLayer class A group layer is a layer that can contain other layers.
Definition GroupLayer.h:30
The GroupShape class A group shape is a vector object with child shapes.
Definition GroupShape.h:21
InfoObject wrap a properties map.
Definition InfoObject.h:20
Krita is a singleton class that offers the root access to the Krita object hierarchy.
Definition Krita.h:28
Node represents a layer or mask in a Krita image's Node hierarchy.
Definition Node.h:22
The Notifier can be used to be informed of state changes in the Krita application.
Definition Notifier.h:23
A Resource represents a gradient, pattern, brush tip, brush preset, palette or workspace definition.
Definition Resource.h:31
The Scratchpad class A scratchpad is a type of blank canvas area that can be painted on with the norm...
Definition Scratchpad.h:28
Selection represents a selection on Krita.
Definition Selection.h:31
The Shape class The shape class is a wrapper around Krita's vector objects.
Definition Shape.h:38
The VectorLayer class A vector layer is a special layer that stores and shows vector shapes.
Definition VectorLayer.h:32
View represents one view on a document.
Definition View.h:25
Window represents one Krita mainwindow.
Definition Window.h:23
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