Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CCanvasCanvas wraps the canvas inside a view on an image/document
 CChannelA Channel represents a single channel in a Node
 CCloneLayerThe CloneLayer class A clone layer is a layer that takes a reference inside the image and shows the exact same pixeldata
 CColorizeMaskThe ColorizeMask class A colorize mask is a mask type node that can be used to color in line art
 CDockWidgetDockWidget is the base class for custom Dockers
 CDockWidgetFactoryBaseBase class for plugins that want to add a dock widget to every window
 CDocumentEncapsulates a Krita Document/Image
 CExtensionAn Extension is the base for classes that extend Krita
 CFileLayerThe FileLayer class A file layer is a layer that can reference an external image and show said reference in the layer stack
 CFillLayerThe FillLayer class A fill layer is much like a filter layer in that it takes a name and filter
 CFilterLayerThe FilterLayer class A filter layer will, when compositing, take the composited image up to the point of the location of the filter layer in the stack, create a copy and apply a filter
 CFilterMaskThe FilterMask class A filter mask, unlike a filter layer, will add a non-destructive filter to the composited image of the node it is attached to
 CGroupLayerThe GroupLayer class A group layer is a layer that can contain other layers
 CGroupShapeThe GroupShape class A group shape is a vector object with child shapes
 CInfoObjectInfoObject wrap a properties map
 CKritaKrita is a singleton class that offers the root access to the Krita object hierarchy
 CManagedColorClass to handle colors that are color managed
 CNodeNode represents a layer or mask in a Krita image's Node hierarchy
 CNotifierThe Notifier can be used to be informed of state changes in the Krita application
 CPaletteThe Palette class Palette is a resource object that stores organised color data
 CPaletteViewWrapper around a MVC method for handling palettes. This class shows a nice widget that can drag and drop, edit colors in a colorset and will handle adding and removing entries if you'd like it to
 CPresetThe Preset class Preset is a resource object that stores brush preset data
 CPresetChooserWraps the KisPresetChooser widget
 CResourceA Resource represents a gradient, pattern, brush tip, brush preset, palette or workspace definition
 CScratchpadThe Scratchpad class A scratchpad is a type of blank canvas area that can be painted on with the normal painting devices
 CSelectionSelection represents a selection on Krita
 CSelectionMaskThe SelectionMask class A selection mask is a mask type node that can be used to store selections
 CShapeThe Shape class The shape class is a wrapper around Krita's vector objects
 CSwatchThin wrapper around the KisSwatch class
 CTransformMaskThe TransformMask class A transform mask is a mask type node that can be used to store transformations
 CTransparencyMaskThe TransparencyMask class A transparency mask is a mask type node that can be used to show and hide parts of a layer
 CVectorLayerThe VectorLayer class A vector layer is a special layer that stores and shows vector shapes
 CViewView represents one view on a document
 CWindowWindow represents one Krita mainwindow
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