2 SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2007 James B. Bowlin <bowlin@mindspring.com>
4 SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
7/* It is a bit cheesy/crappy to have somewhat unrelated typedefs gathered in a
8 * single typedef.h file like this but it has been incredibly useful For
9 * example, I could convert the list structures below from QList to QVector by
10 * simply making a single change in this file. Also, typedefs can take people
11 * by surprise so by putting most of them all in one place I hope to remove
12 * some of the surprise.
13 *
14 * -- James B. Bowlin
15 *
16 * We may transition to the use of smart pointers whereever possible. Gathering
17 * syntactic sugar here, takes the pain of it away.
18 *
19 * Conventions:
20 * - [x]_ptr<Type> => Type_[first letter of `x`]
21 * for example: typedef std::shared_ptr<SkyObject> SkyObject_s;
22 *
23 * -- Valentin Boettcher
24 */
26#pragma once
28#include <qglobal.h>
29#include <QHash>
30#include <QVector>
32#include <memory>
34class SkyPoint;
35class LineList;
36class StarObject;
37class StarBlock;
38class SkyObject;
39class KSPlanetBase;
40class GeoLocation;
41class EclipseEvent;
43typedef quint32 DrawID;
44typedef quint32 UpdateID;
45typedef qint32 Trixel;
46typedef unsigned short BufNum;
57typedef std::shared_ptr<SkyObject> SkyObject_s;
58typedef std::shared_ptr<KSPlanetBase> KSPlanetBase_s;
59typedef std::shared_ptr<EclipseEvent> EclipseEvent_s;
The EclipseEvent class.
Contains all relevant information for specifying a location on Earth: City Name, State/Province name,...
Definition geolocation.h:28
A subclass of TrailObject that provides additional information needed for most solar system objects.
A simple data container used by LineListIndex.
Definition linelist.h:25
Provides all necessary information about an object in the sky: its coordinates, name(s),...
Definition skyobject.h:42
The sky coordinates of a point in the sky.
Definition skypoint.h:45
Holds a block of stars and various peripheral variables to mark its place in data structures.
Definition starblock.h:43
This is a subclass of SkyObject.
Definition starobject.h:33
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