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 CDownloaderThe Downloader class This is a quick helper to download remote content and save it as local files
 CFileLoaderAsynchronously loads batches of files from a given list of local directories or tags, allowing to filter them by name, mime-types, and much more
 CBrowserSettingsA group of properties to tweak the browser in the FileBrowser component
 CBrowserViewThe browsing view implementation for the FileBrowser control
 CFileBrowserThis control displays the file system entries in a given directory, allows subsequent browsing of the file hierarchy and exposes basic file handling functionality
 CFileDialogA dialog to quickly select files for opening or saving
 CFMStands for File Management, and exposes methods for file listing, browsing and handling, with syncing and tagging integration if such components were enabled with the build flags COMPONENT_SYNCING and COMPONENT_TAGGING
 CFMListThe FMList class Model for listing the file system files and directories and perform relevant actions upon it
 CFMStaticGroup of static file management methods, this class has a constructor only as a way to register it to QML, however all methods in here are static
 CPATH_CONTENTA location contents structured for convenience.
 CNewTagDialogAn input dialog to create one or multiple new tags
 COpenWithDialogA dialog with a list of services -that can handled the associated list of URLs
 COpenWithModelA model of services associated to a list of file URLs, that can handle its file content
 CPathStatusRepresents the status of a directory listing, be it non existence location, loading or empty
 CPlacesListThe list model of the system locations, such as bookmarks, standard places, networks and devices
 CPlacesListBrowserA browsing list of the system locations, such as common standard places, bookmarks and others as removable devices and networks
 CSyncingThe Syncing class
 CTAGDBExposes methods to add, remove and modify tags in the MauiKit FileBrowsing Tagging system
 CTaggingQuick methods to access and modify the tags associated to the files
 CTagListThe flickable element for listing horizontally the tag buttons in the TagsBar control
 CTagsBarA bar to list, add or remove tags for a given set of files
 CTagsDialogA popup dialog for selecting between all the available tags to associate to a given set of file URLs
 CTagsListThe TagsList class A model ready to be consumed by QML
 CWebDAVItemRepresents an item in a remote cloud location
 CWebDAVReplyWraps the available actions for a remote item
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