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 CKChatBaseThe base class for chat widgets
 CKChatBaseItemDelegateA delegate (see the Qt Model/View module for details) to paint the lines of the KChatBase list model (KChatBaseModel)
 CKChatBaseMessageThe class of the elements stored in the chat list model
 CKChatBaseModelThe model used to store messages displayed in the chat dialog messages list
 CKGameThe main KDE game object
 CKGameCanvasAbstractContainer class
 CKGameCanvasAdapterA generic adapter for KGameCanvas
 CKGameCanvasDummyA dummy (empty) item
 CKGameCanvasGroupAn item containing other items
 CKGameCanvasItemAn abstract item
 CKGameCanvasPictureA picture, ie a collection of paint operations
 CKGameCanvasPixmapA pixmap (sprite)
 CKGameCanvasRectangleA solid rectangle
 CKGameCanvasRenderedPixmapA sprite pixmap from KGameRenderer
 CKGameCanvasTiledPixmapA tiled pixmap (brush)
 CKGameCanvasWidgetContainer widget
 CKGameChatA Chat widget for KGame-based games
 CKGameClockClass representing a game clock, wraps after 24 hours
 CKGameComputerIOKGameIO variant for real-time games
 CKGameDifficultyKGameDifficuty manages the game difficulty levels in a standard way
 CKGameIOBase class for IO devices for games
 CKGameKeyIOThe KGameKeyIO class
 CKGameMouseIOThe KGameMouseIO class
 CKGameNetworkKGame class with network support
 CKGamePopupItemQGraphicsItem capable of showing short popup messages which do not interrupt the gameplay
 CKGameProcessIOThe KGameProcessIO class
 CKGamePropertyA class for network transparent games
 CKGamePropertyBaseBase class of KGameProperty
 CKGamePropertyHandlerA collection class for KGameProperty objects
 CKGameRenderedItemA QGraphicsPixmapItem which reacts to theme changes automatically
 CKGameRenderedObjectItemA QGraphicsObject which displays pixmaps from a KGameRenderer
 CKGameRendererCache-enabled rendering of SVG themes
 CKGameRendererClientAn object that receives pixmaps from a KGameRenderer
 CKGameSequenceThis class takes care of round or move management as well of the gameover condition
 CKGameSvgDocumentA class for manipulating an SVG file using DOM
 CKGameThemeClass for loading theme files
 CKGameThemeSelectorA widget used to select the game's theme
 CKgDeclarativeViewA QDeclarativeView that adds KDE specific module paths and javascript bindings
 CKgDifficultyKgDifficulty manages difficulty levels of a game in a standard way
 CKgSoundThis class models a sound file
 CKgThemeA theme describes the visual appearance of a game
 CKgThemeProviderA theme provider manages KgTheme instances, and maintains a selection of the currentTheme()
 CKgThemeSelectorTheme selection widget
 CKHighscoreClass for managing highscore tables
 CKMessageClientA client to connect to a KMessageServer
 CKMessageDirectThis class implements the message communication using function calls directly
 CKMessageIOThis abstract base class represents one end of a message connections between two clients
 CKMessageServerA server for message sending and broadcasting, using TCP/IP connections
 CKMessageSocketThis class implements the message communication using a TCP/IP socket
 CKPlayerBase class for a game player
 CKScoreDialogA simple high score implementation
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