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 NEventViewsNamespace EventViews provides facilities for displaying incidences, including events, to-dos, and journal entries
 CAgendaItemThis class describes the widgets that represent the various calendar items in the agenda view
 CAgendaViewAgendaView is the agenda-like view that displays events in a single or multi-day view
 CEventViewEventView is the abstract base class from which all other calendar views for event data are derived
 CJournalViewThis class provides a journal view
 CListViewThis class provides a multi-column list view of events
 CMonthCellKeeps information about a month cell
 CMonthGraphicsItemA MonthGraphicsItem representing a part of an event
 CMonthGraphicsViewRenders a MonthScene
 CMonthItemA month item manages different MonthGraphicsItems
 CMonthViewNew month view
 CMultiAgendaViewShows one agenda for every resource side-by-side
 CScrollIndicatorGraphics items which indicates that the view can be scrolled to display more events
 CTimelineViewThis class provides a view showing which blocks of time are occupied by events in the user's calendars
 CTodoViewThis class provides a view for Todo items
 CWhatsNextViewThis class provides a view of the next events and todos
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