Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NMauiManThe MauiMan name-space contains all of the available modules for configuring the Maui Applications and Shell properties
 CAccessibilityManagerProperties for changing visual and hearing clues
 CBackgroundManagerThe BackgroundManager class Helpfull for third parties to connect to property changes from the Background module setting changes
 CDefaultValuesThe DefaultValues class
 CFormFactorInfoThe FormFactoInfo class contains information about the input devices available in the current system
 CFormFactorManagerExposes all the system form factor properties
 CInputDevicesManagerExposes all the system input devices properties
 CDefaultValuesThe InputDevices module default values
 CScreenManagerExposes all the system screen properties
 CDefaultValuesThe Screen module default values
 CSettingsStoreThe SettingsStore class Allows to store and read settings for MauiMan from the local conf file
 CThemeManagerThe ThemeManager class Helpful for third parties to connect to property changes from the Theme module setting changes
 CDefaultValuesThe Theme module default values
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