Akonadi Mime

Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NAkonadi [external]
 NMessageFlagsContains predefined message flag identifiers
 NMessagePartContains predefined part identifiers
 CAddressAttributeAttribute storing the From, To, Cc, Bcc addresses of a message
 CDispatcherInterfaceAn interface for applications to interact with the dispatcher agent
 CDispatchModeAttributeAttribute determining how and when a message from the outbox should be dispatched
 CErrorAttributeAn Attribute to mark messages that failed to be sent
 CMDNStateAttributeAn Attribute that keeps track of the MDN state of a mail message
 CMessageFolderAttributeMessage folder information
 CMessageModelA flat self-updating message model
 CMessageQueueJobProvides an interface for sending email
 CMessageStatusAkonadi KMime Message Status
 CRemoveDuplicatesJobJob that finds and removes duplicate messages in given collection
 CSentActionAttributeAn Attribute that stores the action to execute after sending
 CActionA sent action
 CSentBehaviourAttributeAttribute determining what will happen to a message after it is sent
 CSpecialMailCollectionsInterface to special mail collections such as inbox, outbox etc
 CSpecialMailCollectionsRequestJobA job to request SpecialMailCollections
 CStandardMailActionManagerManages emails specific actions for collection and item views
 CTransportAttributeAttribute determining which transport to use for sending a message
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